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Laura Benedetti was born in Brescia in 1960.

​After her diploma and courses in Milan in advertising graphics and marketing, she graduated in architecture from the Milan Politecnico and worked for years in the interior design sector and is currently the owner of an advertising graphics agency.

She attended painting courses from 2004 at AAB in Brescia under the guidance of Maestro Enrico Schinetti.

Her main talent is for portraits, both in pastels and oil, she prefers in any case, to paint human subjects.

Montalto wrote about her: “Laura Benedetti’s studio is the very private and industrious set of a performance of privacy, of a posing and revealing, through the truthful mirror of painting, of feelings and internal ghosts. The artist from Brescia – here at the first fitting examination of her path – makes the status of painting as “a second reality”, as a visionary paraphrase of life, capable of going “beyond” appearances to attain the depth of the self, relive in figurative paintings with polished, precious, admirable and in some ways old-fashioned execution… The intellectual and composition clarity, the atmosphere of perfect execution which pervade the paintings which slowly come out of her studio, have very little to do with a certain persistent but almost stale popular “hyper-realism”, where the colour and warmth of life are cooled and frozen, in fact hibernated, in the affectation of photographic cloning, of the mere traced reproduction…

In short, it is through a visual and conceptual mastery that Laura is able to offer us a “new” reality of the ordinary,  revisiting the inheritance of the past and the tradition of the modern – from Caravaggio to La Tour, from Velazquez to Vermeer, from Ingres to Von Stuck, from Hockney to Lucian Freud – in an authentically modern key”.

She has participated in numerous  collective exhibitions since 2006

Among her most important solo exhibitions, where she has achieved critical and public success, we would mention “Nudi sentimenti”, which took place in 2011, in Italy, at Aab of Brescia and “Naked feelings”, which was held in 2013 in Tokyo at the Juichigatsu Art Gallery.

Today Laura Benedetti is continuing  her thematic and technical deepening and her research is aimed at producing new paintings that show feelings and human situations that are more and more immediate and essential.